Our Chosen Charity

We believe that children benefit from caring about others within our community. Involving children in purposeful activities creates an opportunity for children to explore emotions such as empathy, compassion and selflessness. Our chosen charity is close to our hearts as it supports sick children in local Mackay based hospitals with 100% of funds raised passed on directly to purchase necessary medical equipment.

Flagon & Dragon


About Flagon & Dragon

Flagon & Dragon is a local charity that was founded over 25 years ago from a small local group of businessmen driven by a personal experience from one of the members and his son. Since then Flagon & Dragon have raised an incredible $1 million dollars to provide much needed funds to local organisations in the Mackay region. These funds help local & regional Hospitals to purchase equipment allowing children to be treated at home rather than travelling afield. Moreton Drive ELC are proud to support Flagon & Dragon as their chosen charity as we feel this has a great alignment with our philosophy that children should feel safe, cared for and receive the best care possible in challenging times.

From time to time throughout the year our children, families and the team at Moreton Drive ELC will be involved in enriching experiences to help raise much needed funds to support Flagon & Dragon with their worthy cause.

In addition, as owners we will donate $10 to Flagon & Dragon for each new enrolled child on an ongoing basis.