The Boring but Important Stuff

Opening Hours

The Service is opened for 12 hours per day, 52 weeks per year and caters for children 6 weeks to 6 years.

Priority of Access

Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for more information about the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ (DEEWR) requirements for Priority of Access.

Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy is available to all families who meet the eligibility criteria with the subsidy paid directly to us as your Approved Provider to reduce your out of pocket expenses. Weekly statements will reflect your Child Care Subsidy reduction as well as your out of pocket expense. Families are be required to register with Centrelink and  MyGov to access the Child Care Subsidy. For families who do not register full fees are payable.

For further information on how the Child Care Subsidy works and how to meet the Eligibility Criteria please visit


We are a no jab no play Centre and we will only accept children whose immunization schedule is up to date.


We request that our families commence payment within the first week of care, which will include 1 week in advance. Payments are processed through iDebit each Friday and accounts must remain 1 week in advance at all times. iDebit is the only form of payment we accept.


  • Little Learners
    • $125 per day
  • Peer Learners
    • $115 per day

Accounts in arrears will be subject to care being cancelled.

Attendance and Absence

Once a child is enrolled at the Service, payment of fees must continue during the child’s absence for illness, public holidays, annual holidays etc. When a child is absent for any reason we must be notified. The Service is open for 52 weeks per year.

Allowable Absences

Refer to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for information about allowable absences.

Notice of Withdrawal

We require 2 weeks written notice of causation of care. Please refer to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for information about withdrawals from care as full fees made be payable for absences during your noticed period.

Arrival and Departure

For safety and security reasons ALL children must be signed in on arrival, and signed out on departure. The times must be noted. No child will be allowed to leave our Service with a person who is not stated on the enrolment form, unless prior arrangements are made with the Nominated Supervisor.

What to Bring

6 weeks to 5 years:

  • A change of clothing that is weather appropriate (younger children- especially those toilet training- will need extra changes)
  • A hat – a full brimmed wide hat.
  • A security item for rest time.
  • Sheet Sets for Peer Learning Group only (2-5 years)


On your first week at our Service you will be required to pay your current week and 1 week in advance in the billing cycle to maintain 1 week in advance. Direct debit (through iDebit) of fees will occur on Fridays each week.

Any change of financial income will alter your fee structure. Please advise our Service and Family Assistance Office (13 6150) if this occurs. Payments can be made by iDebit only.

Late Fees

If your child is collected from the Service after 6.00pm, you will be charged a late fee which is $15.00 for the first 10 minutes or part thereof and $1 per minute after 6.10pm. This will be added onto your account.

Waiting List

When our rooms have full enrolment, children’s names will be put onto a waiting list. Once a position is vacant, families are then contacted about placement. When families wish to change days, this can be effective immediately if enrolments for that day are not full. If they are full the child’s name will be placed on a waiting list. Once a position is available, days will then be adjusted. Our waiting list gives priority to working families as per the Priority of Access Guidelines.