Our Sustainability Commitment

Children will be immersed in our sustainable environment and practices daily.

Our broader approach

  • We have installed solar panels with a view that we will be 100% self-sufficient by using green energy
  • Skylights throughout the Centre provide natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting and reducing heat and power consumption
  • Tinted glass doors and windows have been used to reduce heat inside the Centre
  • Our open plan design allows air flow throughout the rooms, creating a cool environment and reducing the need for air conditioning
  • A water tank will support the mud patch and Grandma’s Vege garden
  • Children’s water pump has a water flow control to minimize water wastage
  • Our natural playgrounds include real grass, recycled logs/trees, rocks, repurposed blocks etc all sourced locally

Our everyday approach

  • Grandma’s Vege Garden will help support our food program and allow children to be involved in the paddock to plate concept, creating responsibility for the care and maintenance of our vege garden, waste control and composting.
  • Recycle stations are set up for children, educators and team members promoting recycling, repurposing and re-using items rather than becoming unnecessary land fill.
  • Our educators and team members will role model water-wise behavior with children, ensuring taps are turned off properly, water leaks are reported and fixed promptly and gardens are watered at appropriate times.
  • We have installed a clothes line to minimize the use of a clothes dryer. Children will be able to assist with this routine and learn how simple daily practices can support our planet.