Our Philosophy

At Moreton Drive Early Learning Centre we believe that children are very capable people who prosper best when they are immersed in learning and play within a safe, happy, stimulating and caring community.

Our sense of family and community truly underpin the essence of Moreton Drive Early Learning Centre, with the learning space carefully planned to reflect how families and communities work together. We have created environments that flow freely, giving our children every opportunity to enjoy many varied experiences that will delight, challenge and satisfy their senses. With the open spaces, children will be able to initiate and direct their own learning and play, while also engaging with peers and children of different ages to enhance their experience. During our day children will at times be the student and at other times they will become the teacher. We believe our children will form stronger bonds with each other and our Educators as they navigate their day.

We encourage all children to be strong, independent, thoughtful and caring of themselves and others, our community and of the world we live in.

Our curriculum reflects and builds upon our children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills enhancing each child’s self-image, confidence, belief in oneself and their identity; creating a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem.

We are committed to providing a learning experience that is not only fun, but one that recognises each child as an individual, respecting their own abilities, interests, development and contribution to the broader community. Through our curriculum, we ensure each child’s health, security and wellbeing is always a priority, and that each child feels a sense of belonging within our community. We create opportunities for discussion and debate through sharing of ideas, and promote negotiation skills to affect desired outcomes. Compromise and empathy will come into play at times, as will opportunities for quiet reflection, contemplation and work.

Our families are encouraged to work hand in hand with our highly trained and experienced Educators, to actively contribute to our curriculum and daily life experiences in order to create the best learning environment for their child and the broader Centre community. We respect the different cultures and backgrounds of our families, and embrace the wonderful life lessons this diversity provides to all of our children through the sharing of language, customs, traditions, and family values.

Our daily life is influenced by our sustainable approach throughout the Centre as well as creating positive behaviours that will influence families and community attitudes towards sustainability. Our community also considers the needs of others through philanthropic activities, understanding that others may not be as fortunate as ourselves.

Our passionate Educators engage in ongoing reflections about our practices and procedures to drive continuous improvement and to ensure each child’s learning opportunities are maximized. Our educators are also actively involved in professional development to ensure their practices are current, and reflect those theorists who influence our early childhood educational beliefs.